The Liberty Tree

-April   19th , 1775-

Out of the Mists of a New England morn
Rings a shot-
A shot heard 'round the world.
It does not matter which side fired this
Immortal volley
It is the bullet itself that carries significance.
For this bullet, whining through the early
Morning air signifies
With this one opening round, a group of people,
A vast minority in the American Colonies will
Strike at the head of the largest empire since Rome.
Many will die, few will remain untouched by the
Ugliness of war, yet, in the end, victory
Will be celebrated as the "Great Experiment"
Is born.
Once a dream,
Will over take the world like a storm.
It will take centuries, and many bloody wars,
But in the end freedom will win.
Freedom from the oppression of large
Governments running rampant with the lust for power.
Freedom from fear.
Freedom to speak our minds without
Being brought under the boot of
Harsh censorship.
Freedom from Tyrannical rulers who would
Keep their people under the sway of
The battle once won will never end.  For there are always
Those who oppose personal liberty;
Those who would have the people under the boot
Of a "Socialist Regime"
There will always be those who will try to
Usurp national pride and independence
With global governments.
They will fail.
For in the end we, the people,
realize the "Great Experiment"
Is more then a nation.
It is a gift to the world.
For as we rise, the world also rises,
As we fall, so too the fate of
Our brothers and sisters around the world.
This page celebrates the spirit of America.
For in those fore-fathers and fore- mothers of yesterday
We find all that is needed to found, and
Preserve a great nation.
Honor, Loyalty, Sacrifice, Human Frailty.
Perfect by no means, They are our map,
Road guide to the future.  Their Sacrifice is
Our jubilation,
Their Achievements',
Our song

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